Inner Banks Music Academy, Inc

Show Choirs:

wee, kinder, primary, & jr. singers


Students will learn vocal techniques and performance skills while singing and dancing to many different styles of music.  The class will perform in recitals throughout the year.


45 minutes per class per week

$50 per month

classes and Forms

private piano/voice lessons


One on one lessons will be customized and paced to meet the individual needs and interests of each student.  Students can perform in (virtual) recitals throughout the year.


30 minutes per lesson per week 

$80 per month


summer piano or voice lessons!

Show choir sessions! 

Summer piano or voice lessons are offered during the summer months. These private lessons are 30 minutes per day, $20 per lesson.

Show Choir sessions are also offered for $12.50 per 45 minute class.

An optional, summer recital opportunity is offered as well:)